Honesty and Integrity

Two words that unfortunately have largely lost their meaning when it comes to providing service today. What is “Honesty”? It’s defined as, “Truthfulness, frankness, sincerity.” That means when you talk to us about your challenges with plumbing problems, you’ll get the truth and it will be explained frankly, and you’ll be given options.

Sincerity has to be experienced, so give us a chance to show you how sincere we are and how that honesty has kept us in business continuously for 90 years. Companies don’t last that long without being honest!

Integrity? It means “Adherence to moral and ethical principles.” How do we prove integrity? Ask anyone who has been a customer of Swan Plumbing over these 90 years. Our family’s moral and ethical principles are the groundwork that’s been instilled in us since Grandpa Floyd P. Swan started the business in 1921!

We believe integrity cannot be compromised by others, one has to choose to give it away. Once it’s surrendered, it’s gone. The Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments…. pretty good guides.


About the Author: Paul Swan

Paul Swan is the owner of Swan Plumbing, and the company has been in business for over 90 years in Richfield, OH. Paul writes most of the articles for the website and does most of the field work for the company.